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Two Contents, Two Realities

Author: Francis A. Schaeffer
Category: books
First Published in 1974 by: Crossway Books & Bibles
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In many ways Two Contents, Two Realities represents a brief summary of Schaeffer's prescription for the church in our time. The two contents he deals with are: 1.) Sound doctrine 2.) Honest answers to honest questions. The two realties are 1.) true spirituality and 2.) the beauty of human relationship. These essentially approach Schaeffer's Biblical concept of standing for truth (sound doctrine) and love (exhibiting real spiritual love and compassion toward people) in other terms. This prescription is really Schaeffer's apologetic. The church must stand for doctrinal purity all the while showing compassion for the lost with grace.


Two Contents, Two Realities is the text of the "position paper" which was sent by the Congress to all those who would be participants at the International Congress of World Evangelism, Lausanne, Switzerland, July 1974. Schaeffer spoke during the conference presenting, "Form and Freedom In The Church," as well as participating in a panel discussion.


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Publisher's Description:

What is the Christian's task in the world today? Some say "evangelism"—and then proceed to separate the crucial part of Christianity from the rest of human life. Evangelism sometimes becomes stuffing the gospel down and unconverted throat. But biblical evangelism is more than the propagation of of a canned message plus the call for a decision, and being a Christian mean more than evangelism.

Being a Christian in the world today means a balanced grasp of doctrine and theology, world view and lifestyle, faith and practice. As Francis A Schaeffer says, it involves "two contents and two realities."

This pamphlet is the address which the author presented at the International Congress on World Evangelation, Lausanne, Switzerland (1974). it represents the core of Dr. Schaeffer's message to the church today.


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