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Title: Five Problems for Those who Deny the Bible's Evaluation Concerning Itself
Title: Biblical Doctrine Series: Westminster Confession
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No Final Conflict

Author: Francis A. Schaeffer
Category: books
First Published in 1975 by: InterVarsity Press
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Directed against the notion that where Science and Biblical inquiry conflict, the Bible must always be wrong. Schaeffer here explains that where Science and the Bible meet and conflict, if one is honest in study and inquiry there will be no final conflict.

In the Works of Francis Schaeffer comments, "Genesis in Space and Time and No Final Conflict should be read, and studied, as a unity." So it is obvious that Schaeffer saw this work as very important to the discussion of Genesis as well as scripture itself.


This booklet was first printed by Hodder and Stroughton in 1975.


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Form the back of the 1975 first edition: "There is the danger in evangelicalism of becoming less than evangelical, of its not really holding to the Bible as being without error in all that it affirms. Without doing so we are left with the victory of the existential methodology under the name of evangelicalism. Holding to a strong view of Scripture or not holding to it is the watershed of the evangelical world."

Dr. Francis Schaeffer is among the most influential Christian thinkers of today Author of The God Who is There and He is There and He is Not Silent, he is the director of the L'Abri Fellowship in Switzerland.

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