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Letters of Francis A. Schaeffer: Spiritual Reality

Author: Edited by Lane T. Dennis
Category: books
First Published in 1985 by: Crossway Books & Bibles - (Library of Congress)
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A wonderful glimpse into the person of Francis Schaeffer, especially over the formative years of the early 1950s that influenced his important work True Spirituality, and the founding of L'Abri.


Historical research in progress.


Francis Schaeffer Studies has an extensive collection of quotes for each of Francis and Edith's various works. When available, this section contains quotes that help give you a sense of the book content.

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"I thought how our dear Lord comes into more proper perspective in such a place as this--for the higher the mountains, the more understandable is the glory of Him who made them and who holds them in His hand. But the other side is also true: man also comes into his proper place. As the Lord gains in greatness, in comparison to the mountains, so man diminishes." ~ Dr. Francis Schaeffer, The Letters of Francis Schaeffer (Lane T. Dennis)

Keywords: mountains, spirituality


Francis Schaeffer Studies has done extensive studies on the works of Francis and Edith Schaeffer. When available, in this section you will find class materials and resources to enhance your exploration!

Publisher's Description:

In this collection of Francis Schaeffer's letters, the personal, spiritual, and practical side of Dr. Schaeffer's work comes shining through so clearly. Each of us will find here something of ourselves, our frailty and our human need, but also something of what we might become through the transforming presence of Jesus Christ in our lives.

"This is a fascinating collection. It... gives us windows into a person greatly used of God.... What one learns... are the lessons that Schaeffer learned... that God must be central, that love is as important as truth, and that God loves, forgives, and restores us." --Eternity

"This collection portrays a heart of tender but rugged love.... In them you will find a dimension of Schaeffer's personality that strengthens the portrait of a man hungering for spiritual reality." --Moody Monthly

"The Schaeffer who speaks here is a loving pastor... attentive to the wounds of the twentieth century, and always ready to weep with those who weep. The book is a winsome introduction to Francis Schaeffer as well as food for the soul in its own right." --The Reformed Journal

"This book is like having a personal talk with Dr. Schaeffer.... The letters are organized in three sections: 1) The Reawakening of Spiritual Reality, 2) Spiritual Reality in Daily Living, 3) Spiritual Reality in Marriage, Family and Sexual Relations... Written with love and wisdom and an uncompromising biblical stand... It will become a classic." --SBC Today


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