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Here We Stand

Author: Francis A. Schaeffer
Category: pamphlets
First Published in 1948 by: Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Mission

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A booklet comprised of four of Schaeffer's lectures.


The information below is from Francis A. Schaeffer: The Early Years, Jerram Barrs - Modernism & Ecumenicism

"There were some months when Edith Schaeffer and the children were in Philadelphia and Francis was traveling around the United States. He gave a series of lectures during that period in several different churches that were then reprinted. There were basically four lectures. The whole thing is called Here We Stand, as it was reprinted later by the Independent Board for Foreign Missions. But the articles were "The Need of Europe," which was published in Christian Life and Times; "Modernism, Barthianism, and the Ecumenical Movement," which was published in The Baptist Bulletin; "Revolutionary Christianity," and "The Oneness of Unbelief," which were published in Biblical Missions, the organ of the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions. These four articles were given first as lectures in many different churches around the United States, first in Presbyterian churches and then in other churches-Baptist churches, Methodist churches all around the United States. They were published in these different magazines and then brought together in this little booklet, Here We Stand."


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