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The Finished Work Of Christ: The Truth of Romans 1-8

Author: Francis A. Schaeffer
Category: books
First Published in 1998 by: Crossway Books & Bibles - (Library of Congress)
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Published by the Francis Schaeffer Foundation (Debbie & Udo Middleman), these studies were first given in a student flat in Lausanne, Switzerland in the 1960s.


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"Our faith is not just a theoretical thing. It is faith amid temptation. It is faith amid tribulation. It is faith amid the rough-and-tumble of life." ~ Dr. Francis Schaeffer, The Finished Work Of Christ

Keywords: faith, spirituality


Francis Schaeffer Studies has done extensive studies on the works of Francis and Edith Schaeffer. When available, in this section you will find class materials and resources to enhance your exploration!

Publisher's Description:

The Book of Romans, with its compact yet all-encompassing summary of the Christian faith, has greatly influenced the church through the centuries. Augustine, Martin Luther, and John Wesley all trace their spiritual renewal to a reading of Romans. Great revivals in church history have been sparked by studying it. And the doctrinal truths within Romans are foundational to all of the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer's work.

Now available for the first time ever in print, Schaeffer's landmark commentary on the first eight chapters of Romans—drawn from his recorded talks to a group of students more than three decades ago—provides fresh insight into Schaeffer's thinking and the message of this most remarkable epistle, as well as an arresting perspective on our own times.


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