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Basic Bible Studies

Author: Francis A. Schaeffer
Category: books
First Published in 1972 by: Tyndale House - (Library of Congress)
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25 Bible studies that introduce the reader to studying the Bible using it's most common themes. These themes are God, God's dealing with man, Salvation, and Things of the Future. Schaeffer's emphasis is to show that the Bible contains a system, which answers the questions of every human being. There is a specific emphasis on prayer as a prerequisite in understanding.


According to Edith, in The Tapestry, this group of studies were originally written for a person with whom Francis was discipling. They later were provided by L'Abri for visitors to study in the late 1950s. Herein Schaeffer feels the need to address the prevailing Biblical illiteracy, providing introductions to scripture as done at L'Abri.


Francis Schaeffer Studies has an extensive collection of quotes for each of Francis and Edith's various works. When available, this section contains quotes that help give you a sense of the book content.

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Francis Schaeffer Studies has done extensive studies on the works of Francis and Edith Schaeffer. When available, in this section you will find class materials and resources to enhance your exploration!

Publisher's Description:

Does the Bible speak to the real problems of real people in the real world? Does it offer viable solutions to those problems? You can weigh the evidence and decide for yourself with these 25 Bible studies, which show what the Bible actually teaches regarding our most fundamental questions about God.

Compiled and written by one of modern Christianity's greatest thinkers, this book highlights Scripture passages on the central doctrines of Christianity--such as creation, man's sin and God's grace, the person and work of Christ, future events--and briefly explains how each passage supports the biblical teaching on that particular theme. It's all right here. Laid out simply. So you can see for yourself what the Bible says--in God's own words.

This volume also contains Two Contents, Two Realities, Schaeffer's essay on the four things Christians need to make an impact in the current age. Together these two works serve to show the coherence and credibility of the Scriptures and their relevance to the critical issues in your life.


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